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Mobilize your learners with WebSwami 3.0!

This one minute video gives you a quick overview of WebSwami 3.0's exciting video activities, realistic simulations for fluency building, and monitoring tools for teachers and creation tools for instructors and course designers iPhone/iPad and Android integration:

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What is WebSwami?

WebSwami is the world's most innovative language & communications training system with powerful and intuitive learning, grading and authoring tools:


  • One-click webcam recording
  • Integration with all leading LMS including Blackboard, Moodle and D2L
  • One-of-a-kind centralised in-box for unmarked activities
  • Collaborative learning through sharing and commenting on media files
  • Only system with voice graph with stress AND tone
  • Authoring tools that enable even technical novices to create video-based activities
  • Extensive embedded self-help screen tips and quickstart videos

WebSwami contains 3 main interfaces:

The Learner


where learners engage in an interactive mix of activities to assist learning, playback audio/video feedback and review grades.

The Marker


where instructors review and grade learners’ activities, and can leave audio, video and text feedback.

The Editor


where instructors create compelling multimedia activities and manage course content.


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LMS Integrations

WebSwami works seamlessly with all leading LMS.


Learn about integrating WebSwami with your LMS / VLE

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